Frontend Business Registration

In order for a user be able to create a business from the front end, he is required to sign up as a Business Owner:


After a successful sign up, the user will be redirected to “My Account” Page, where he will have the option to choose to “Create a Business“:


The user will be redirected to “My Business” Page where he can fill the following fields:

  • Business Name
  • Business Logo
  • Logo Background Color ( used in Recent Business Slider )
  • Description ( used on Business Single Wall Page )


  • About your Business
  • Business Slogan
  • Opening & Closing Time of the WeekDays ( can be left empty )
  • Business Address ( Building, Street, City)
  • Location ( one of Locations defined by Admin)
  • Additional Business Address Line
  • Two Phone Numbers
  • Two Email Addresses
  • Social Media Links
  • Business Category ( one of child Categories input by Admin )
  • Business Tags
  • Map Locations
  • Posts ( Statuses ) Default Comments ON/OFF (can be changed later for individual Posts


Support Request Online Planning and Booking Resource for Senior Communities

Entertainers for Seniors is a site developed for Activity Professionals at Senior Living Communities to assist them in planning and booking activities.

Please provide as much information about your support request as possible in the form below, including Username and the page of the site where your question arose.